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Our roundup is a curated collection of articles about what we found particularly exciting in our industry this month. Our teams deal with technical SEO, specialized content marketing, Digital PR and SEO client care – so get ready for a holistic collection of thought-provoking content.

July 2023

Tangential SEO

Tangential SEO, is about creating and optimizing content that is tangentially related to your business. It can be a great way of staying ahead of the competition.

June 2023

What is strategy? It’s a lot simpler than you think.

Running a profitable business starts with a great strategy. How do you increase the value that a client is willing to pay? How do you create a place where people love to work? Watch this video to find out how these things work together to create a profitable business.

The inside story of ChatGPT’s astonishing potential

In view of demos, i saw some exciting potential uses in SEO from effective text generation that is is coherent, engaging, and relevant to a given prompt to on-page optimization (meta titles, meta descriptions, SERP FAQ research, keyword research, generating topics for content strategy), to technical improvements (generating schema markup, getting help in writing efficient code) and more.
A little bit more business-focused, but found this conversation really useful on profitability, utilization, and time-tracking in agencies. If you’re interested in understanding a bit more into the challenges of running an agency as a business, it touches on some important concepts.

The AI takeover of Google Search starts now

I thought this article was interesting because it poses a few questions – “How is the SEO industry going to change just from the way Google chooses to use AI? And “How is the gap between purely informational content and the content we read for thought leadership and creative reasons going to play out?”

May 2023

61 Genius Call-To-Action Examples

This is an old but very common practice in Affiliate space where big authority sites lease out their subdomains/subfolders to affiliates. I picked this article because I think it’s important to SEO clients, especially now that XYZ is when we are dealing with EFG.

AutoGPT SEO: 5 Ways to Deploy Your Own Army of AI Agents

While I don’t think that this is the future of SEO any time soon, it’s an interesting take on how some agencies might try to use SEO to save on costs. Is it a good idea? Probably not. Rankings are based on original information, and when it comes to research, AI won’t cut it for quite some time.